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How do assignments and/or quizzes work?
First of all, this isn't high school. Nobody will try to punish you for not doing your homework. Assignments and quizzes at ChildTraumaAcademy.com are designed for your benefit, to enhance your learning experience. These courses are not graded. Don't worry, the quizzes are painless - dare we say, even fun - and no one will know how well (or poorly) you did.
How can I find out the requirements for a course?
To find the specific requirements for any course, access the "Course Details" section of the class by clicking on the title. You will get a full course description, the instructor's objectives for the class, the prerequisites, and a list of suggested books or other course materials, along with a syllabus outlining the topics that will be covered in each lesson.
How do I ask the instructor a question?
The _Message Board_ is available for this purpose. It allows you to post questions/messages to both the instructor and fellow classmates. The messages are posted on an electronic "bulletin board" and are easily accessible by clicking on "Message Board" from the user menu located on the upper left-hand of your screen.
Will I need to purchase materials to take a course?
Materials are not required. Suggested materials will be listed on the course page. You should plan to purchase any materials before beginning the course. We provide an online shopping source for your course materials, but any courseware recommended by your instructor will be easily available anywhere, whether you choose to shop online or not.
Can I use an older edition of the book or software?
We recommend that you obtain the specific course materials recommended by the instructor as there tends to be significant changes and feature updates on the more current versions available.
Do I have to buy the materials online?
You are not obligated to buy your course materials online. ChildTraumaAcademy.com provides you with an online shopping source for the books and/or software recommended by the instructor. However, if you feel there are other locations where you can obtain your courseware more conveniently, we encourage you to do so.
Does it matter which browser I use? Does it have to be a certain version?
Two preferred browsers that will help insure quality and accessibility are Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape Communicator 4.7. Download Internet Explorer 5 by visiting http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.htm. Download Netscape Communicator 4.7 at http://home.netscape.com/.
Do I need to download any programs or obtain any plug-ins?
ChildTraumaAcademy.com requires no additional software or plug-ins to use the service.

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